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Posted on July 14 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 08:35:52 GMTFrom: The Vert Man Subject: Jessie and Katie: Don't Wanna Lose You (25)Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers): Don't Wanna Lose You (25)Written by The Vert Man (TheVertMansofthome.net)Disclaimer:I don't own these characters, I am simply borrowing them fromABC and The Bedford Falls company to tell this story.Edited by Chris FranklinRating: Pg-13Summary: The 25th in a new on going series,exploring the life of Once andAgain's wonderful characters of Jessie Sammler and Katie Singer. In Thisedition Joey catches Sarah and Jessie worries about losing Jessie.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"Barney stop that, leave them alone" Joey said appearing at the gate in atowel a few seconds later. Joey was looking and trying to figure out whoit was. Finally seeing her face, she almost fainted in shock, "Sarah?"Joey said."Hi" Sarah said with a sheepish grin on her face and blushing a deepcrimson from head to toe that even she could see."What's going on?" Joey asked as Barney lay down beside Sarah and put hishead on her stomach as if to say to Joey "Look what I caught.""HMMMM" Sarah said thinking maybe she could joke her way of out of thismess, "I was Lolita Models playing catch with Barney and I guess he thought I threwmyself.""Sarah" Joey said through a giggle and letting her towel fall slightly,exposing one of her nipples, "you are so silly.""I was really just coming over to see if you wanted to walk over toJessie's and play some games or something" Sarah said, "no one answered thefront door and I thought maybe you'd be out back by the pool.""Oh that's so nice" Joey said looking nervous."And when I got back here Barney sorta caught me" Sarah said standing upfinally."Good dog Barney" Joey said giggling and petting the large pooch as he cameover to her."What were you up to?" Sarah asked as a terrified look came across Joey'sface and she stammered for a reply."Tanning; I like to tan when Mom and Dad are gone" Joey said steppingoutside the fence, just then thinking that she hadn't opened the fenceherself so it must have been open by someone else."Oh cool" Sarah said before Joey went on nervously."And sometimes being we have this huge ass privacy fence I take my top andbottom off and do it....like" Joey said blushing yet again."Nude?" Sarah asked as Joey smiled weakly."Yeh" Joey said as Barney started sniffing at Sarah's pocket as she triedto shoo him away but he refused to go anywhere until he uncovered thesource of the smell."Barney, leave her alone" Joey said stomping her foot. Barney barked atSarah and insisted something was in her shorts pocket and he wanted to knowwhat it was. "If you don't show him what's in your pocket, he'll neverleave you alone.""I've always wanted a dog" Sarah thought to herself and about how toexplain about the bikini bottoms in her pocket. She pulled them out andshowed them to Barney who sniffed them and trotted off through the bushesbehind her happily. "But after this I might reconsider.""Those are mine" Joey said taking them from Sarah's hand, "where did youget Lolita Models these? Are you stalking me or something?""LORD NO" Sarah said as her heart began to pound, "I found them in thefront yard.""Barney must have dragged them away while I was swimming" Joey saidrelaxing and then giggling at the assumption of Sarah as a stalker, "whichwould explain how the fence got open.""It would" Sarah said nervously."Yeh Barney learned how to open it before we did" Joey said smiling. Thetwo stood there looking at each other for a long moment."Anyway so you and your friend wanna come over and play some games?" Sarahasked as that terrified look on her face returned."What friend?" She asked as her hands looked to be shaking."The one you were talking to" Sarah said."It was just me" Joey said trying to look confident."OH....." Sarah said confused when Joey started to flip out."You know don't you?" She asked."Yeh I was coming in right as you guys finished I guess" Sarah said, "thefence was open and I just stuck my head in and well got an eyeful.""Yeh I bet you Lolita Models did" Joey said beginning to pace and looking visibly upset."Look Joey I wasn't being a peeping tom or anything I just thought maybeyou guys were talking and you wouldn't mind if I stuck my head in andasked." Sarah said moving close and taking her arm."It's ok, not your fault" Joey said, "You're not the stupid whore whowanted to do it by the pool instead of my room like always. Then run offlike a fuckin' coward in the night" Joey said angrily as she pulled awayand went back inside the fence. "And you're not a freak like me. Cause Iknow you think what you saw was disgusting.""Joey stop" Sarah said finally catching up to her by the back door of thehouse. "Why are you a freak?""Because I don't just like guys, I like girls too" Joey said, "but youalready know that.""You're not a freak, who told you that?" Sarah asked getting a littlepissed now, "what you're feeling is completely normal.""My Mom is like so anti-gay it's not even funny" Joey said as a thoughtcame to her head that made her heart beat faster. "Sarah you can't tell myparents. Please. I'll beg, I'll do anything you want just don't tellthem. Please. I've got some money saved up and it's not much but I'llgive it to you...if you will just....""Shut up for a second" Sarah said trying to calm her down, "I won't and Idon't want your money.""Why not?" Joey asked, "I'll give you more when I get it I promise....Sarahplease.""NO" Sarah said looking at Joey. "I swear I won't say anything to anyone.I know what you're going through.""How? How could you possibly know?" Joey asked as a tear came down hercheek and Sarah noticed she was shaking. Sarah put her hands on either ofJoey's face and trying to calm her down, she said in an urgent voice. "Iknow because I've been there, I'm gay Joey.""OHHHHH" Joey said and breathed a sigh of relief as she smiled."I know what it's like to be scared all the time" Sarah said."So you're like into girls too huh?" Joey asked, biting her lip."Yeh obviously" Sarah said making Joey again smile."So you really won't tell anyone?" Joey asked still looking nervous."No I promise" Sarah said looking back up at her eyes. "And when I make apromise I keep it.""Thank you so much." Joey said smiling and leaned against the back of thedoor. A few seconds later Joey smiled and started to lean close to Sarah,appearing to Sarah like she was gonna kiss her. Sarah moved back away fromJoey and asked in a confused voice, "What are you doing?""I was gonna thank you" Joey said backing away and again looking hurt andturned to walk inside."No Joey stop" Sarah said "You don't have to thank me like that.""But sex is the way I thought you repaid a favor" Joey said as Sarah lookedconfused."You're gonna have sex with me because I did something nice for you?" Sarahasked."Yeh to thank you for not saying anything" Joey said pulling at her handagain and leading to the steps."I'm not gonna make you sleep with me just for that" Sarah said stoppingand holding Joey up on the first step."But that's how I always pay Shady back when she does something for me"Joey said, "Sometimes I'm not even in the mood. But she says it's whatgirls do for each other.""No it's not Joey" Sarah said, "I said I wouldn't say anything because Ilike you and you asked me not too. Not for what you're gonna do for me.And if Shady makes you do it when you don't want too, then she is no friendeither.""Well I'm sorta new at this" Joey said stepping back into the kitchen, "Iguess Shady sort of has been controlling things.""You'll learn" Sarah said smiling. "But next time Shady tries to get you todo something, tell her no and if she insists, call me. I'm pretty sureshe'll change her mind Lolita Models when she meets my fists of fury.""Silly" Joey said laughing as Sarah did her best Bruce Lee impersonation."Don't let her take advantage of you anymore" Sarah said a minute or solater, "and if she threatens to tell, let me know.""Seriously?" Joey asked handing Lolita Models Sarah a Coke."Yeh seriously" Sarah said."So are you seeing anyone right now?" Joey asked as they sat down at thetable."Yeh I am" Sarah said as she watched a frown cross Joey's face."You and that Jessie girl?" Joey asked."No" Sarah said laughing, "we are just friends. I'm seeing someone else.It's brand new and I don't wanna tell anyone before she's ready.""Cool" Joey said, "can we Lolita Models still hang out sometime?""Of course we can" Sarah said sipping on the coke. "I've got my own placedown on Mulberry. Maybe you and Jessie can come over one night.""You like watching movies?" Joey asked."Are you kidding?" Sarah said, "you should see my movie collection.""Great" Joey said, "My mom is a distributor for Blockbuster. She likemakes sure the movies get to the right place on time. So I get to see allthe new movies for free.""FREE?" Sarah said excitedly making Joey giggle."Yeh free....like in no cost." Joey said."Joey my bestest new friend in the entire whole world" Sarah said sittingdown in the same chair as Joey giggled and put her arm around her neck,"this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.""Oh yeah" Joey said laughing out loud at Sarah.Meanwhile back at Manning Manor...."You guys have like 10 million channels more than we got" Katie saidflipping through the channels as Zoe lay beside her."Yeh I guess" Zoe said, "we even got a porn channel.""You do?" Katie asked looking at Zoe suddenly very interested."Yeh" Zoe said Lolita Models flipping the channel and punching in the supposedlysecret code."Oh yeah fuck it harder" The redhead said on screen as Katie's eyes buggedout."See told ya" Zoe giggled."You are so lucky" Katie said."Why? Everyone thinks it'll warp me if I watch" Zoe said as Katie tookthe remote and thought a second before changing the channel. "I don't somuch mind if you watch, I just wouldn't wanna do it where I'd get caught.""Chicken" Zoe said as Katie pushed her down on the couch."I wonder what Sarah's doing?" Katie wondered aloud a few minutes later,"she's been gone a long time.""I dunno" Zoe looked up from her magazine on the floor. "Think weshould go and check on her?""Sarah's a big girl Zoe, she'll come home when she's ready." Katie stoodup and said, "I'm gonna go and check on Jess. When she gets back tell herI'll be down in a minute, ok?""Ok" Zoe said, flipping the pages of the magazine and not bothering tolook up.Katie quietly made her way into Jessie's room up the steps and noticing shewas fast asleep, took the seat by the bed where she noticed a white overstuffed envelope lying on the desk. She picked it up and read aloud "NewHit Records Nashville. Welcome.""Oh MY GOD" Katie said squealing and quickly covered her mouth to keep fromwaking Jessie. She thought for a second about whether to open it or not,but the excitement was to much as she carefully pealed back the tab andemptied the contents on the desk. There was an official contract andeverything, she observed."If you choose to sign the following you, will be bound by its contents forthe period of one year or until the completition and acceptance or refusalof the agreed upon." Katie read as she grew a little confused, thenrealizing it meant she had to sign with them until she completed the demorecord and they decided if they wanted to sign her as a solo artist orsomething else.Katie read through the papers as her heart beat faster and she couldn'tstop smiling for some reason. "Everything that is about to happen toJessie is because of me" She said giggling and feeling her ego grow alittle. "Hell I even picked her song" Katie laughed at her silliness andcarefully put the papers back in the envelope. She began to think a littlewhile later about what would happen to Jessie if she became a big star. "Imight lose her" Katie said to herself, thinking about how a big starcouldn't exactly have an openly gay relationship or could she? And whatabout Nashville? Will Mom let me go?"I'll fuckin' die if she won't let me go" Katie said laying the envelopeback on the desk. Getting a little paranoid now, she crawled onto the bedand lay down behind Jessie as she stirred from the movement. Katie leanedover her back and gently kissed her neck. Jessie smiled up at her for asecond as neither said anything."Do you know I love you?" Katie asked."You woke Lolita Models me up to ask me that?" Jessie asked yawning and smiling."Yes" Katie said firmly and kissing her for a long moment, "because I'mgonna go crazy if I ever lose you.""Don't be silly" Jessie said closing her eyes again, "I'm not goinganywhere other than back to sleep.""I do love you though" Katie repeated laying down next to Jessie's head andpulling her close."I love you too Billie" Jessie said quietly before she drifted off again asKatie smiled broadly and felt the worry fade away slowly. Katie lay therea long time and finally nodded off. She woke and it was dark outside, butJessie was still sleeping soundly."I better call and check on RaeAnn" She thought, getting up and walkingquietly out of the room."Your Mom called" Sarah said as Katie picked up the phone in the hallwayand got ready to dial."She did?" Katie asked worriedly."Yeh, said she picked RaeAnn up at the hospital and something about you andJessie not seeing each other so you could stay a while" Sarah said as Lolita Models Katiesmiled and grabbed her excitedly and hugged her, like old times Katiethought."Are you freakin' sure?" Katie asked."Yeh RaeAnn called a while after that and said you better take care of Lolita Models hercar" Sarah said."YES" Katie screamed and grabbed Sarah again and impulsively kissed her onthe cheek and started celebrating as both then realized what just happened.Sarah looked shyly at the floor as did Katie, neither knowing what to say,nor knowing exactly how to say it either. Sarah froze in that moment notsure what she felt or wanted to feel for her now ex-girlfriend."You are such a total slut" Sarah said smiling Lolita Models wickedly at Katie."Bite me you little tease" Katie said swatting at Sarah's arms, whocarefully avoided it and ran off down the hall with Katie giving chase.Katie grabbed her a few steps away from the stairs to the attic and huggedher from behind, pinning her arms to her side and holding her from going upthe steps." Jessie's asleep and if you wake her up.... I'm gonna....""What try and really kiss me?" Sarah said giggling, "nothing could be worsethan that.""Sarah Grasser" Katie said looking shocked, "are you serious?""To use a line from Grace" Sarah said turning around as Katie released herhold, "are you not as smart as that pretty head looks?""I Lolita Models knew you weren't" Katie said walking away, "you never fooled me for asecond. Besides, it's not like I kissed you anyway""Oh yeah sure" Sarah said following behind her, "you really thought I wasserious. Your heart was breaking in two.""It was not" Katie said turning around."I know" Sarah said smiling, "Just so you know I was kidding.""I was pretty sure you was" Katie said, "but considering all that hashappened with me and you, you got a right to hate me""Oh am I really allowed to hate the almighty Katie Singer?" Sarah saidgiggling and nudging Katie in the ribs."I'm surprised you don't" Katie said.A long silence followed as both drifted to thoughts in their own. Katiesat down and leaned against the wall as Sarah watched her. Katie too waswatching Sarah and wondering what was on her mind."You used to tell me everything you know" Katie said as Sarah joined her onthe floor."Yeh I know" Sarah said smiling, "that seems like a lifetime ago now.""So does that mean we can't talk now or what?" Katie asked, "causesomething's on your mind now.""This has just been a really bizarre couple of days" Sarah said as Katielooked at her with interest and sorta urged her to go on with her eyes."Yeh and..." Katie said smiling as Sarah got the message."Well first Jessie and the accident, then Zoe acting all weird" Sarahstarted, "She'd been acting weird all day around me" Sarah said, "I thoughtit was because Lolita Models of the accident, but Grace had it figured out from thestart. She said Zoe was wondering if she was gay. She was right.""HMMMMM" Katie said shooting Sarah Lolita Models a goofy look."She told me she thought she loved me and all that" Sarah said thinkingabout early that morning and what Zoe said. "But she seems to havefigured it out. She said this morning she wasn't in love with me.""Who could blame her" Katie said smiling. "You're everyone's fantasy girl.""Oh shut up" Sarah said as Katie cracked a smile."Then when I went next door" Sarah said, blushing from Katie's comment andwent on to explain what had happened with Joey and the scene with Shady andall. Then swore Lolita Models Katie to secrecy after remembering what she told Joeyabout not telling anyone. "And then this, too much too soon.""Poor baby" Katie said touching Sarah's cheek and rubbing it as Sarahpurred like a kitten and nuzzled her hand. Katie had to giggle at themuffled sounds she was making."I just realized something" Katie said turning to look at Sarah, moving astray hair out of her eyes. "I miss you.""You do?" Sarah asked with a gleam in her eye Katie could clearly see."Yeh" Katie said as they stared into the other's eyes for a brief eternity."If I'd never met Grace" Sarah said, "maybe things would be different.""Jessie's the reason I'm not with you right now" Katie said smiling asSarah's look turned cold."That is such a heartless comment" Sarah said, "you make it sound likeJessie's an obstacle or something.""I didn't mean it that way" Katie said banging her head on the wall infrustration. "I mean if I had never met Jessie, maybe I could make thingsright between us.""Things are fine between us Katie" Sarah said taking her hand, "I acceptedyour relationship with Jessie, finally, and moved on. Because of that Imet Grace and she's amazing.""You really love her?" Katie asked."Yeh I do and she loves me too" Sarah said quietly."I'm scared Sarah" Katie said after a long minute of silence."She loves you with all her heart" Sarah said seemingly reading Sarah'smind. "There's no way she's gonna break your heart unless you do somethingstupid and break hers first. Then I'm gonna kick your ass.""I love her so much, and I'm scared to death" Katie said looking down ather hands, "Because Lolita Models you know me, I will.""No you won't" Sarah said sounding confident and cupping Katie's chin inher hand. "So stop worrying about it""You always know how to make me feel better" Katie said smiling and takingSarah's hand. "Some things never change.""Yeh the same is true of you" Sarah said, standing up and pulling Katie toher feet."Yeh I better let Jessie sleep for a while longer" Katie said walking aheadof Sarah.Lily, Rick, and Grace arrived home a few hours later and found Zoeasleep on the couch and Sarah and Katie playing games with a tired lookingJoey. Karen and Henry had come back to the hospital to find Jessie goneand not wanting Jessie to worry, they agreed to stay with Cori."You know not one single member of her Lolita Models family has come to visit her" Lilysaid sitting down with Rick on the couch."That's her family" Sarah said joining Grace by the door and touching herhand as they smiled."Well I know I got to go back to work next week and all" Lily said, "but Ithink we could all make an effort to see that someone is with her as muchas possible.""Maybe me and Sarah can stay tomorrow night" Grace said, thinking how muchshe would love a night alone with Sarah even it was in the hospital."And how do you know I want too?" Sarah said looking at Grace as Lily tookher a little too serious."She's right Grace, you shouldn't just make plans without asking" Lilysaid, "besides Sarah must be ready to get back to her own life and herplace.""Don't worry about it" Sarah said, "Grace's my best friend and I lovehanging out with her. Seriously, the hospital thing is cool.""I do miss your bed though" Grace said in a whisper to Sarah's ear. Sarahgiggled and took Grace's hand in hers briefly motioning with her eyestowards Grace's room and making Grace try to stifle a giggle."I guess I should get home" Joey said, yawning and stretching."Is anyone home at your place?" Lily asked looking concerned."No, but it's ok, I'm sorta used to it by now" Joey said standing up."I don't feel comfortable about you being alone in that big ole house" Ricksaid, looking to Lily for her reaction."You're more than welcome to just sack out here in the living room withSarah and Katie." Rick said as Katie, Sarah, and Grace began to panic."No, but thanks" Joey said, "I need to get home anyway and make sure theplace is locked up and all.""If you need anything call" Lily said to Joey as she took her coat and lefta minute later."Hey sleepy head" Lily said to Jessie as she came down Lolita Models the stairs stillyawning."Feel better?" Lily asked turning around and watching as Jessie walked overto Grace and Sarah by the door."Yeh some, I figured out I'd better get back to the hospital though" Jessiesaid as Sarah started telling her about what Karen said and she could goback to bed."Great" Jessie said leaning against Sarah and causing her to fall againstGrace. Grabbing Sarah's arm and wrapping hers around it to keep her fromfalling, she laid her head on Sarah's shoulder and said, "Marsha you're soclumsy.""Marsha?" Katie asked, laughing as Jessie raised her head and smiled atKatie."Yeh she acts like Marsha Brady" Jessie said, giggling as she sat down infront of Katie and leaned back against her as Katie put her arms aroundJessie's neck. Rick gave them a strange look, which prompted Lily to tryand divert his attention."You tell 'em Jan" Sarah said taking Grace's hand in hers and holding itbehind her back, "you're still a head case."Eli Lolita Models arrived home just as Rick was about to ask a question of Jessie andKatie, and Zoe began to stir on the couch."Since we got everyone here for the moment" Lily said changing the subject,"I wanna know how everyone feels about another baby possibly coming intothe house.""A baby, really?" Zoe said jumping up and crashing down beside Lilyexcitedly."We're thinking about it" Lily said as Rick looked at her with a look ofapproval."I figure since everything seems to be going so well that this might be theperfect time to have a baby" Rick said."I'm gonna have a little sister or brother" Zoe said as everyonelaughed."I think you should go for it old man" Eli said plopping down beside Rickon the couch."Yeh I guess we could handle it" Jessie said with her head lying on Katie'sshoulder."Nope sorry" Grace said standing behind Sarah, "I'm not putting up withanother noisy crybaby that needs a diaper. I mean Zoe just got out Lolita Models ofthat stage.""Bite me Grace" Zoe said as Grace laughed."She's just jealous monkey" Sarah said to Zoe, "cause you're more maturethan her.""Now that I will agree with" Eli said as Grace tried to fake a fit and wentstomping up the stairs."Seriously is everyone in agreement?" Rick asked Lolita Models looking around as Gracecame back down the stairs. With everyone in agreement now about the baby,the room fell silent and Rick's attention turned back to Jessie and Katie.Finally getting up the nerve to say something he said, "you guys sure havegotten a lot closer as of late.""Yeh, you're right dad" Jessie said as Katie tried to get her to set-up.But she refused, and turned to give her a reassuring look. "See me andKatie are more than just friends.....""You are?" Rick said as his heart began to pound and his mind raced with amillion thoughts. Lily looked at Zoe and then to Grace who both had ashocked look on their faces. Sarah clutched at Grace's hand as she fearedwhat was coming next. Katie wrapped her arms tighter around Jessie andtried to tell her she was there for her. Time seem to freeze for a briefeternity as everyone in the room waited for Jessie's response to Rick'squestion."Yes Dad, we are" Jessie said smiling and feeling very relaxed at themoment and for the life of her not able to figure out why, "I love Katie,it's that simple."To be Continued....========================================Preview of Chapter 26 (The Story Before Us): Jessie and Katie finally get anight alone all to themselves.
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